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The 2021 survey: The picture of blockchain in the financial industry


New ecosystems of blockchain in the financial industry have invented innovative business models. What does technology change financial services in 2021?

The picture of blockchain in the financial industry

Digital assets have been disrupting the entire financial market in recent years. Indeed, the rise of digital assets is influencing virtually every company and industry that is a consumer of the financial service industry. Blockchain is transforming the comprehensive financial sector from deposit-taking to payments, lending, investing. The nature of financial products, from money to stocks, is being revamped with the innovative infrastructure for any form of transaction.

However, people are concerned whether this new financial services infrastructure will foster economic development and activity in general. What will happen to FSI models (financial service industry)? Is the financial service’s regulatory framework ready for a change? Will it pave the way for banks, payment processors, investment managers, and insurance businesses to be disintermediated? 

The adoption of blockchain in the financial industry beaks all the limit

Financial services enterprises appear to be in a race of defining their place in the future but the future remains questionable for the time being. It is obvious that digital assets are recognized as a driving force behind the next phase of this transformation, which will be a significant improvement from the current state of the fragmented, fragile financial products. FSI  may profit from the current advancements in the financial ecosystem.

How do financial managers view digital assets and blockchain?

Source: Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey

Respondents are all managing organizations that have deployed blockchain into their core businesses. As you can see, pioneers are distinguished by their vision of blockchain as a top strategic priority. These results demonstrate the relative role of blockchain and digital assets in the financial industry. The pioneers are confident about the potential of blockchain and digital assets. 

From physical to digital in finance

Lending, capital formation is experiencing a new revamp, as the application of blockchain in the financial industry adapts to a rising appetite for more efficient methods to get funds. In fact, 70 percent of FSI Pioneers believe that access to financing sources with blockchain will have the greatest influence on their organizations. This static is  43 percent in the wider FSI cohort and nearly 36 percent in overall respondents. 

The digital-asset architecture offers a method to think about decentralized finance from a retail viewpoint. Banks are up against stiff competition both at home and abroad when it comes to lending. They’re looking into asset-based ways to lend. They have to deal with the supervisory focus on core credit and underwriting risks. The conventional accounting and tax standards for lending may not be applied to digital assets’ loans. 

Improvements in the systems for issuing a company’s debt and ownership are also required. Companies smoothly raise money through shares by token issuances utilizing smart contract-based frameworks. These aren’t only digital assets that are backed by a desire to join a market that connects liquidity suppliers and takers. The raising of capital, the execution of corporate, and the exchange of value in these enterprises all become much more dynamic.


As new sources of asset value enhance the pace of economic activity, openness, and trust in that economic activity, we predict these transitions to be very disruptive to financial services. When we analyze what this implies in the big picture, how these instruments are exchanged, and how dynamic this market may become. We see a new paradigm for economic liquidity emerge thanks to the adoption of blockchain in the financial industry. 

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