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How to determine the tailor-made customer experience (CX) strategy?


Playing a huge role in business’s growth, a good customer experience strategy should include seamless experiences contributed with reliability and convenience.  

How to determine the tailor-made customer experience (CX) strategy?

Customer experience strategies increasingly play an essential role as a measure of efficiency for any growing business. Despite the dramatic resurgence of new technologies, a successful customer experience strategy is not out of a few key factors:

  • Competitive insight
  • Consumer research
  • Market data
  • Mission and Vision

Generating and controlling the smooth flow of information and feedback will make it easier for strategic directors to adjust the organization to follow its goals, which improves customer experience and relationships.

  • Looking back at your existing customer experience service strategy

An excellent fresh start is looking back at how your business does customer care to decide what works well for your company and where you can improve. You should check all the touchpoints with the customer to get the best overview.

To this end, an accurate customer-journey information map is essential to outlining all interactions between your customers and your business. Many tough challenges can be found along the way.

  • Boost up customer service training

Regularly share the good and the necessary improvement in service with your employees based on practical reasons and situations. This not only helps to handle customer expectations promptly but also helps the company’s working culture become more flexible with any changes.

  • Determine customer needs

When customers approach your business, they always need to be satisfied. These needs can vary widely, such as being a timely, positive attitude, quality, etc. It is vital for your business to adequately capture how the customer feels at that touchpoint and be willing to conform to the differences.

  • Solve customer problems

There are always new problems that can arise in the customer service process. Therefore, businesses still need to have proactive service plans to build a complete customer experience.

Many companies have created a team that specializes in anticipating latent problems and stopping them before they affect customers. It is essential to make customers feel that your companies will address their needs promptly.

  • Use self-service solutions

An existing Q&A document is an effective way to reduce the pressure to address customer needs on time. Instead of asking people to call your business for any “need for help”, give customers the freedom to answer and deal with the problem themselves with the complete, readily available documents.

To build these documents, you can review frequently asked questions from customers, the mistakes your business found. Taking a look at your competitors is also a viable option.

Your business now will have more time for complicated problems and incidents, and to develop other services.

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    • Get feedback regularly

    Customer feedback is a direct and reliable way to gauge the quality of your service.

    Collect customer feedback regularly to update the feelings, changes in customer needs are essential. 70% of customers will leave a review of your company if asked, but you must consider this feedback and apply it to your strategy.

    However, to collect feedback as quickly, conveniently, and entirely as possible, your business should use automatic collection tools from many different channels.

    • Regularly monitor performance

    Customers spend money and always want to receive the most prominent benefits on every penny, including the benefits of using and the experience. Customers are willing to leave you and switch to your competitor if they think they can get more with better reliability.

    Successful businesses check their performance regularly and look for new ways to enhance the customer experience. Their probability of negative feedback is very low, and they usually don’t miss out on recent trends and opportunities that always lurk in each customer interaction over time.

    Building a customer experience strategy requires a lot of effort in many ways. In order not to waste these efforts and create the most positive experiences for customers, applying new technologies is the solution of pioneering businesses.

    • Comprehensive CX solution using blockchain technology from akaChain

    Blockchain has many different applications for the digital future of modern businesses. Despite the uncertainty, many companies are currently working on numerous projects that incorporate this distributed storage technology into existing IT infrastructure to achieve its business values ​​- notably, customer experience projects.

    Focusing on exploiting the value of blockchain technology in practice, akaChain – an enterprise blockchain platform – supposes that blockchain will have enormous implications for any business’s customer experience strategy.

    Utilizing transparent data storage capabilities, akaChain’s CX blockchain solution will improve the current CX plan in exciting ways:

    • Seamlessly reach your target audience

    Good customer accessibility is a significant competitive advantage for your business strategy in the long run. You must keep information from your customer interaction channels seamless.

    The intermittent flow of information often limits current CX models because the data comes from third-party providers, requiring significant maintenance rights and costs. Even though you have identified channels for customer interaction, this lack of alignment will limit your ability to collect and react to information.

    akaChain’s CX blockchain solution can gather information from a variety of sources without encountering any barriers. The reason is that data will be collected directly from multiple sources, quickly matched and merged, and the system will perform data integrity checks at every step in the process.

    • Providing convenience in Customer Service:

    The Internet and new social media are slowly changing the way customers find and access information. Customer demand is growing along with better convenience in service. Businesses need to prioritize solutions that are ready from end-to-end to maintain a good relationship with customers.

    akChain provides a CX solution that leverages the blockchain’s transparent visibility to foster trust among consumers. For example, a business can build a business-owned portal that displays all activities related to business services and customer activity. Customers can access at any time to find the necessary information and answers themselves, even when your staff cannot help.

    This information has to be reliable so that customers will simply interact at a single channel to meet their own needs. This increase in trust means better brand loyalty.

    • Ensuring Convenience When Buying Products.

    Availability and convenience are significant to increasing customer experience when making a sale. Businesses need to be ready to provide their products/services to customers as soon as possible.

    The enterprise CX blockchain solution can provide such a seamless experience. For example, when a customer wants to order your product, but the product is out of stock, you can promise the customer that you will notify them when in stock. However, the weakness will lie in promptly updating the number of goods and informing customers. If it takes too long or misses the offer the customer wants, it will be a bad experience. akaChain’s CX solution automatically updates cargo information in near-real time, minimizing customer waiting time. The smart contract will be able to automatically notify or add to the customer’s cart as soon as new items are available.

    • Create internal personalization on a completely digital environment

    To provide the best customer experience possible, businesses should collect information throughout the customer relationship so that they can make relevant recommendations or more fully informative support in the future.

    Personalization means that the business is interested in the relationship with its customers and always wants to meet the needs of customers with the best service possible. Customers will judge it as a sign of respect for their loyalty.

    While there are many ways to collect and leverage customer data, the CX blockchain platform helps create a global, transparent space where people can keep up with their chats or requests. Your business is laying the groundwork for more contextual approaches and communication with fresh, personalized digital experiences.

    • Focus on simplicity and ease of use

    The growth of prioritizing the use of personal mobile devices represents a dramatic change in the way businesses reach customers. Simplicity and ease of use are always a priority to achieve a seamless experience for customers and potential buyers.

    So make sure your business is focused on where it generates the most customer interactions. However, most of the current purchase and payment processes require a lot of work, waiting because this process needs through many intermediaries. Our CX blockchain application is designed to simplify customer operations. As the Amazon example, payments happen with just one click for an Amazon Prime member. Or for the Q&A section, all questions and answers will appear on the same screen. The goal is to create the impression that “just be here and they will have everything they want”.

    • Increase the flexibility of channels

    One key to creating a seamless experience is flexibility and sync across all your channels. The blockchain’s ability to synchronize information opens up new opportunities for this feature. Any changes will be done synchronously on all customer interaction points. Synchronous images, synchronized data, and synchronous experiences will help customers have a deep, consistent impression of your business.

    Be active for the long term strategy

    Customer experience is a journey through many touchpoints. To create the desired experience for customers, businesses need to proactively plan for all possible scenarios and prepare to respond to them.

    akaChain’s CX blockchain platform can accompany the business every step of the way in terms of creating a successful customer experience strategy. Loyalty program (Loyalty program) is the first product in our group of CX blockchain solutions that many customers choose to develop. We all consider this to be the first sure step for the further expansion of blockchain’s applicability in other business activities.

    According to Deloitte’s Blockchain 2020 survey, 86% of businesses consider blockchain to be compelling to their companies; 55% of companies consider blockchain as one of their top-five strategic priorities.

    It is only a matter of time before organizations in industries invest heavily in this technology not only as a means of improving customer experience but also eliminating repetitive manual tasks, reduce costs, and increase productivity for many other operations.

    If you want to better understand what the blockchain CX solution means for your business, sign up to akaChain now to stay ahead.


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