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Digital ID solutions in the airline industry: Safe flight with safe data


Digital ID solutions make traveling through the airport more enjoyable and boost up passengers’ trust in airline services. 

Digital ID solutions in the airline industry

Time-saving, fast procedures, and safety are the airline industry’s criteria as well as strengths compared to other transportation types. Check-in, security checks, and dwell times will determine the overall experience of passengers.

From distributing tickets on different online channels to pre-check-in by mobile devices to the airport’s design and layout, the airline industry strives to shorten check-in time and increase the level of passengers’ “relaxation”.

While security and authentication checks are required and cannot be cut down due to the security factor of counter-terrorism, airlines and airports can certainly speed up processes.

The modern aviation industry keeps an eye on cutting-edge technologies to streamline the identification and authentication process. With robust blockchain digital ID solutions in optimizing identity authentication processes, airlines and travel service providers can interact and exchange data with customers in a safe, tamper-proof and reliable way at a global scale.

Typical of passengers’ journey, related to security checks, at the airport terminal

Apart from ticket retailers, customers need to interact and provide their identity information to other centralized systems during their journey through the airport.

– At the Departure Station, passenger identity information is required for check-in and baggage drop as well as security and immigration (with international travel). They will then wait in the lounge or duty-free shopping area before boarding.

– At the Arrive Station, after disembarkation, identity information is again required during security and immigration (with international travel), baggage pick-up and bag code check on ticket stubs process, and when clearing customs before leaving the airport terminal.

Blockchain digital ID solutions for identity management in the airline industry

When the decentralized identity management solution – digital ID on blockchain – for the aviation industry comes into play, it creates more seamless links in the customer experience and the way networks interact. 

The networks in this blockchain system will include specific groups of services related to aviation operations, including:

– Passengers and governments agencies network (for issuing visa/passport)

– Airports network

Airport security services network

– IoT network for all devices at the airports

– Ground handling service network

– Customs Department network

– Retailers and Financial services network

Except for the Passenger network and Government Agencies, all other networks require only digital ID evidence to each stage of passenger movement within airports. 

Passengers will need to share proof in digital ID documents to confirm their identity to travel from the airport by particular flight.

Customer data will only interact with the network when using the service and will not need to be shared with any third party or stored on the partner’s system. Customer data privacy and security are guaranteed with digital ID solutions.

Why should the airline industry consider decentralized identity? 

Many companies in the aviation industry still wonder, “The current aviation industry is doing so well, why should we care about such a solution that asks for the change of the entire aviation system?”

The aviation industry will undoubtedly grow further in the future, up to 7,8 billion in 2036 (according to ITTA). The digital transformation efforts such as selling tickets online, checking in on the phone or else are just the beginning steps. Digital transformation will require the airline industry to digitize the entire service delivery process with the same security and privacy as the top priority.

Meanwhile, the current aviation industry systems are fragmented, repetitive, and time-consuming across the journey chain.

As a result, the leading players have gradually implemented blockchain digital ID solutions. US’s Delta Air Lines and Airside Mobile have deployed digital id applications that allow customers to use their passport, visa or network membership information to register for digital ID services, integrating with biometrics. 

Users will use the app to share and revoke data access authenticated with each service in turn. They retain ownership and control of their data and grant access only for the time required to complete an interaction.


The blockchain distributed ledger is for the participants to maintain immutable and transparent transaction data. The control mechanism and security layers in the blockchain will help build a robust customer identity management solution.

akaChain’s digital ID solutions in the airline will allow customers to move through different airport stages seamlessly without compromising their privacy.

The network created by this solution will also improve efficiency at the airport. Customers will have more time to spend on other services at the airport. When every 10 minutes of waiting for check-in, the interest in shopping drops by about 30% then reducing time for check-in and security checks will benefit the airline industry much more. 

Setting standards around the blockchain network and government regulations governing the secure exchange of passenger data will determine how much blockchain development is in the aviation industry.

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