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Blockchain solutions: The power of many


How businesses are using blockchain solutions?

Blockchain does not equal cryptocurrency. Businesses have found many surprising uses of blockchain solutions. From insurance claim to loyalty points management, blockchain technology is building networks, increase the transparency, and making “the power of many” a reality.

For example, Ngee Ann University has brought blockchain into education by partnering up with a blockchain solution company to issue the “blockchain diploma”.

Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain Solutions

Discover the uses of blockchain solutions by akaChain

1. Loyalty points management

Customers possess many types of loyalty points. Low redemption rate, fragmented points, high cost of deployment are some of the reasons that make loyalty programs ineffective to some business, especially with SMEs with limited points redemption network.

Understanding the power of many, akaChain provides blockchain solution that helps enterprises to enlarge the points network, giving customers more redemption options, and to create a seamless workflow on both cloud and on-premises environment. With the blockchain solution deployed, enterprises will be able to continuously adding new partners tho the ecosystem. As the blockchain solution by akaChain can smoothly function on cloud and on-premise, the platform will give enterprise a robust and flexible infrastructure to enhance the customer experience.

2. Traceability & Supply chain

Trust in an important ingredient in all kind of business, so let’s the power of many help! Immutability is one the most important characteristics of blockchain. From food to vehicle management, with the help of blockchain, enterprises are now provided with unprecedented transparency of the whole supply chain. The trace function allows enterprises to create an information hub for all partners involving in the supply chain.

3. Insurance Claim

Built on HyperLedger Fabric, the blockchain solution for insurance by akaChain improves the efficiency and the accuracy of the data exchange process between hospitals and insurers. The benefits of blockchain for insurance is surprising. The claims settlement will be accelerate, and cost will be slashed with automated claim and data verification. The private chain created by akaChain will assist insurers in storing treatment, billing and claims record in a distributed ledger.

The power of truth at akaChain

Concensus and Immutability are the most important features of any blockchain solution. With blockchain solution by akaChain, the power of truth is made a reality. And it is not just for cryptocurrency, it is for your business.

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