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Blockchain opens a new era for data


FPT Technology Forum 2019 (FPT TechDay 2019) took place on November 21 at the National Convention Center, Hanoi with the participation of about 3,000 attendees. At the event, Mr Tran Hoang Giang had shared his experiences of “Implementation of Blockchain in real life beyond the cryptocurrency”.

Mr Giang, founder and CTO of akaChain, is one of the pioneers in harnessing blockchain technology for enterprises in Vietnam. He began his speech with an introduction to history and development of blockchain’s early days in Vietnam.

“The outstanding feature of blockchain is the ability of distributed storage in many locations linearly. If one record needs to be changed, the consent of all nodes is required. Finally, the data written to the blockchain is immutable”, said Mr Giang.

Tran Hoang Giang

Ông Trần Hoàng Giang, Giám đốc akaChain thuộc Công ty TNHH Phần mềm FPT (FPT Software). Ảnh Internet

akaChain is the devoted product that Mr. Giang and many individuals had cherished since when they were in Japan. At that time, they realized that platforms for businesses have become popular as the technology revolution 4.0 has shown significant impact on daily life.

Mr Giang also mentioned to a promising project of akaChain, called loyalty points. Loyalty points have been quite popular nowadays when each business usually has its own loyalty point. The prominence of akaChain’s solution is to gather all loyalty points and convert them to akaChain’s mutual point to use. This solution accelerates integration time and saves businesses a huge amount of cost for customer gifting programs.

“The return value is quality data and customer behaviour with transparency. In addition, using the cryptographic algorithm, blockchain faded the concerns about data breaches, ”said Mr. Giang.

akaChain provides many tools for customers to manage their systems. Enterprise network and stores joining akaChain’s systems will also catch up the route of each loyalty point in real-time. “Later there is no need for a bunch of cards in the customer’s wallet. They only need to set up akaChain’s APP on the phone,” said founder akaChain.

With the topic of “Smart start”, TechDay 2019 focuses on software products and solutions by FPT as well as the values that digital technology brings to businesses.

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