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Blockchain CX solution is driving the post-pandemic business resilience


CIOs are harnessing the blockchain CX solutions to meet new customer expectations better while enhancing the resilience of the business.

Blockchain CX solution is driving the post-pandemic business resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to re-examine all aspects of their company’s operations, especially their relationships with customers. Businesses from all industries have encountered new challenges to approach and interact with customers.

The rise in using online service demand during the pandemic has shaped new behaviors, new trends, and new standards. Therefore, instead of waiting for the usual further uncertainty, businesses should focus their efforts on fulfilling their service commitments to customers. Addressing customer expectations is a clear manifestation of a new normal that companies can assure.

The increase in traffic to digital assets, online services, and the interaction on social media force businesses to re-examine and increase their ability to transmit data and consolidate the right ground technology.

After years of discussion and planning, enterprise blockchain is now a reality in industries as diverse as finance, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, and more. CIOs are putting their trust in the blockchain CX solutions to meet new customer expectations better while enhancing the resilience of the business.

Three significant takeaways in improving enterprise resilience with blockchain CX solutions

KPMG research shows that the resilience of businesses makes them more likely to handle the changes in the business world and maintain productivity. However, McKinsey estimates that only about 10% of current companies achieve the required resilience.

The blockchain CX solution will help the company resist disruptions to everyday operational processes and improve resilience through 3 main ways:

  • Promote digitization

McKinsey’s research shows that businesses with mature, robust digital backgrounds generate 7% more revenue than peers that lag during disruptions.

Companies that have a strong digital background in practice are less likely to experience financial trouble, avoiding the need for IT budgets to increase where cost reduction is essential. Crisis in catastrophes and recessions can cause 60% of businesses to shut down permanently.

The blockchain application that promotes the digital experience will help companies maintain data updates, improve communication through the enterprise system. New enterprise blockchain platforms also enable secure, secure data sharing that helps businesses connect with other systems more strongly.

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    • Reinforce the company’s strategic vision

    A core advantage-based vision is a stable and coherent foundation for the company to expand and build more flexible business goals. In customer experience management, putting customers first is considered the company’s overarching vision.

    The blockchain CX solution is designed to increase the visibility and security of data, helping the company ensure a better customer experience. Blockchain makes communication with customers more comfortable.

    Leaders need to emphasize these goals, seeing them as the motivating targets for all other considerations. Once there is a clear goal framework in place, employees will also have clear and stable motivations, even during periods of uncertainty.

    • The culture based on transparency creates a strong resilience

    In decision-making situations, customers tend to choose companies they trust. Transparency is a factor that helps to reinforce customer confidence.

    In the blockchain CX platform, the clarity of information flow, uniform storage, and immutability of essential data from the multichannel data system will help improve the transparency of the business. Transparency also helps the flow of information between departments in the enterprise, helping to speed up processing and deploying customer-oriented solutions.

    Blockchain CX solutions’ ability to improve speed and sustainable value data is crucial to bolstering business resilience. Specifically, the blockchain CX solution improves:

    • Honesty and increase regular communication: In a stressful period, customers especially want to understand more clearly what happens when using services or products. Ambiguity leads to anxiety and stress for both company employees and customers. The blockchain CX solution allows the company to communicate with customers across many different channels. A company shouldn’t let its customers feel left behind.
    • Progress updates: The blockchain solution’s tracking capabilities, timely updating, will be targeted to those who need to see that information. Knowing and experiencing each route of using products and services helps businesses record deeper impressions with customers.

    akaChain provides a blockchain CX solution to grab  opportunity during the recovery phase

    There is no specific path because there is no way to predict the future; each company has its path to success. However, what sustainable development companies have in common is the ability to resilience, even from big or small issues. Therefore, your company should be not only prepared to respond to single, unforeseen risk events but also for ongoing change.

    As an enterprise blockchain platform, akaChain is providing BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) solutions to businesses. Not only has the strong technical support of FPT – the leading technology company in Southeast Asia, akaChain also offers solutions for customers based on the characteristics of the actual business model of the business. Our solution is a combination of technological strengths and business opportunities.

    We have seen rapid post-pandemic recovery and growth from customers who have used our customer experience solutions.

    What is your opinion of blockchain’s ability to restore and develop sustainable relationships with customers? Communicate with us by leaving your contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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