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Blockchain-backed cosmetics traceability is called for transparency


What is the potential of blockchain in enhancing cosmetics traceability? Here are the use cases of businesses that are moving closer to transparency.

Blockchain-backed cosmetics traceability is called for transparency

Digitization has genuinely changed the game for ventures, both huge and little in the cosmetics industry. Organizations are continually watching out for more productive methods to extend their assets and pursue the best traceability solution. They utilize different innovative strategies, anti-counterfeiting stamps, QR code, and information tracking systems where they can fully control the product’s provenance and quality.

The innovation with blockchain-backed traceability will allow better connection between entities with respect to tracking different items. Utilizing this information, organizations would have the option to sharpen their digitization techniques in a rational and very much organized manner. 

From transparency to trust, cosmetics traceability solutions based on blockchain is demonstrating itself to be the entryway of a digital future. 

Solving vague messages with blockchain

As per Glamor Magazine, an overview that surveyed over 20,000 customers of a famous cosmetics firm has uncovered that a worry among purchasers is the trustworthiness of product information. 

Today, manufactures are making an assortment of “glossy” claims for products, for example, ‘veggie lover’, ‘remorselessness free’ and ‘coral reef-safe’ which makes customers hard to verify.

Nonetheless, blockchain-backed cosmetics traceability solutions can introduce an answer for the issue, with major firms in the beauty business actualizing blockchain on their systems. 

Let’s go through some blockchain traceability use cases in the cosmetics industry to see its growth. 

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    Use Cases for cosmetics traceability solution based on a blockchain platform 

    Cult Beauty 

    The online retailer Cult Beauty has been harnessing blockchain to provide transparency for their cosmetics products. 

    “Transparency has consistently been at the core of Cult Beauty; indeed, our entire raison d’etre was a response against the pseudoscientific showcasing delusions that drove the cosmetics business at our company. We are continually searching for approaches to enable our clients with the data they need,” said Alexia Inge, Co-Founder of Cult Beauty. 

    The company has consolidated blockchain with data sharing to ensure transparency. For instance, for ‘veggie lover’ brands, Cult Beauty will give the meaning of the ‘vegetarian’ naming while at the same time offering supporting documentation, for example, lab test results. 

    They have uncovered that with this stage, clients increase a “considerably more transparent shopping experience” with multi-brands taking an interest in the blockchain-empowered activity. 

    Seqens – a famous Pharmaceutical Synthesis and Specialty Ingredients firm in France

    Seqens’s Active Cosmetic Trust makes it conceivable to follow the certifying journey of their cosmetics products, from processing raw materials to delivering products to customers.

    Technically, the information on a blockchain exists in an internal linked database and clustered into a cryptography chain of blocks. The principle is to protect information from any falsification or alteration.

    Seqens’s customers will input their serial number on the Seqens tool to track the journey of the organic products they purchased. This way, they can check the validity of the raw materials Cosmos/Ecocert certificate and trace the history of the ingredient used in the products, including the manufacturing process and storage.

    Seqens has even intended to give Ecocert permission to access its platform to accelerate the quality framework control. In the long term, their cosmetics traceability solution will help buyers to discover how the manufacturers handle the natural activities contained in their cosmetics products.

    Aveda by Estée Lauder Companies

    In late 2020, the Estée Lauder Companies will present vanilla that has followed blockchain-baked traceability to more than 125 of its Aveda-image items the following spring. 

    Working with ingredient supplier LMR Naturals by IFF and about 450 smallholder ranches for the pilot, Aveda claims this is one of the most significant blockchain pilots in the excellence and beautifiers area. 

    This model uses QR codes to help transfer the data on the blockchain with users, including laborers over the worth chain, and clients. 

    Vanilla sourced through this pilot plan will be utilized to make skin and hair care items that will go at a bargain in Spring 2021. The Estée Lauder Companies trust the cycle will assist it with better foresee and react to issues like changes in climate and cost, and to guarantee ranchers comply with sustainable methods and get the pay.

    The digitization of this cycle forestalls the dangers of identifying with altering or missing data, while likewise making communicating with the end-user less complicated. 

    Determine how blockchain cosmetics traceability solution can mean to your cosmetics business

    Agri-food chains are regularly global and multi-layered, working in districts that are generally influenced by environmental change and market demand. 

    akaChain has considered all factors that affect the agri-food supply chain. We have found that it is significant for end-client organizations to accomplish permeability which is usually troublesome. 

    Our blockchain cosmetics traceability solution can promote connections between entities in the cosmetic supply chain, information visibility, and Transparency with customers.

    We also provide our traceability solution more quickly and conveniently than other blockchain platforms using SDKs. This way, our cornerstone solution will integrate more easily with existing systems. Enterprises will promptly experience the blockchain traceability solution and reap the results.

    To foster the development of blockchain technology in the age of digital transformation, we inspire CIOs and businesses by sharing experiences and analyzing future applications of blockchain.

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